Township Government at its Best

Centralia Township

Robert A. Feig

Centralia Township Assessor

Responsibilities of the Township Assessor

Discover:  Be aware of every parcel of property within Centralia Township.  Find any changes in the properties with the township, including additions, alterations, and new construction.

​List:  Keep and maintain records of all parcels within the township. Record any changes to a property, through construction, demolition, or change to parcel size.

Appraise:   Find the market value of all parcels within the township, excluding only farmland, which is valued at the County Level. 

​Assess:  Value each Parcel at one-third (1/3) of its fair market value, excluding farmland, which is assess at the County Level.

There are two major components of the tax system: taxation and valuation. Our office establishes the assessed value of parcels of property in the township. Taxing authorities such as school districts and municipalities are responsible for the second major component of the tax system: Taxation. They levy (impose) taxes against the property values established by the Assessor. Our staff will be happy to discuss concerns or questions you may have about the tax system.