Township Government at its Best

Steve Smith

Centralia  Township Hwy Commissioner


Centralia Township

Responsibilities of the Highway Commissioner

The Township Highway Commissioner has all the road district roads under his jurisdiction except those inside incorporated cities and villages. He is responsible for their construction and maintenance to the extent that the electors provide him with the funds for such. The Highway commissioner oversees construction, maintenance and repair and is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of roads within the district, let contracts, employ labor and purchase material and machinery. The Highway Commissioner is also responsible for the Highway Department building and maintenance of the building and surrounding property. The Centralia Township Road District maintains the right-of-way of many of the streets in all unincorporated areas. The right-of-way is from the center of the street to the property line. Within that right-of-way, the Road District assumes many responsibilities. 

Among these are the following maintenance responsibilities for our 52 miles of road: 
Drainage + Gravel Shouldering + Litter Pickup + Roadside Mowing +   Tree Removal (right-of-way) + Winter Snow & Ice Control

Airport Rd(Calumet to Walnut Hill)1.80
Airport Rd(Walnut Hill to County Line)1.20
Beech St (North)0.50
Brewery Hill Rd1.00
Bundyville Rd0.50
Byars Rd0.50
Clements Rd0.60
College St (North)0.20
Community Beach Rd(Old 51 to Brewery Hill)1.20
Copple Rd(Race Track to Schwartz)1.40
Copple Rd(Airport Rd to Schwartz)2.20
Dunbar Rd0.40
Eagle Crest Rd(Schwartz Subd)0.60
Echo Ln0.10Edgebrook (North)0.20
Farthing Rd(Ross Subd N)0.50
Gary St (North)0.50
Gilliland Rd1.00
Gladys Ln**Added with Farthing Rd**0.00
Golf Ln0.30
Green St (West)0.90
Greenview Rd1.60
Holzhauer Rd0.60
Jeff Rd (County Line)2.70
Lagoon Rd0.60
Lavin Ln0.20Lingle0.30
Marilyn Ave0.30Meadow Lark Ln(Schwartz Subd) ** Added with Eagle Crest **0.60
Meadow Ln0.90
Mercer Farm Rd(Whitchurch Rd)0.70
Mercer Ln1.00Mills Rd0.70
Moonglow Rd(N of 161)1.50
Moonglow Rd(161 to Copple Rd)1.50Norton Rd0.90
Oniontown Rd1.10Patriot Rd(E Hill to Woods)2.00
Perrine Ave(RR to W Hill)0.40
Perrine Ave(W Hill to Green V)1.10
Perrine Ave(Green V to CL)0.90
Possum Ln** Added with Meadow Ln **0.00
Race Track Rd(Copple Rd to Walnut Hill Rd)1.30
Rebecca Ln0.15
Ross(Subd S)1.60
Ross Rd(Ullman Rd to Green St)0.40
Schwartz Rd3.20
Shaw Rd(Race Track to Schwartz)0.70
Shaw Rd(Schwartz to Copple)1.30
Shook Ln0.15
Sleepy Hollow Ln(Stephens)0.20
Texas Rd** Added with West Line Rd **0.00Trust Rd0.40
Ullman Rd0.80
Valley View Ln0.10
West Line Rd(Tagg Phillips)0.60
Woods Ln(161 to Meadow Ln)0.70
Woods Rd(Copple To Walnut Hill Rd)1.00
Woods Rd(Walnut Hill to County Line)0.90
Zion Hill Rd(161 N to 6 St)2.60

AS OF 01-01-14  TOTAL MILES CLAIMED  51.95